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  • Album Name:Dirty Wonder
  • Genre:Americana
  • Year:2017
  • Artist:K Phillips
  • Title:10 Hock the Horses
  • Band:K Phillips
  • Billy Thin's joint:a filth goddess that comes to your bed and swallows... I'M IN! do you have her number? btw, i'm thinking lenny cohen meets chris isaak, no? billy
  • Rating:

DESCRIPTION: "Hock the Horses" deals with The Filth Goddess in the Aztec religion, Tlazolteotl. She comes to your death bed and swallows your sins, but during your life, she is the temptress. I can't say this has anything to do with real life. I have never been tempted. Anyways, she is depicted with Andrew WK-like mud stains on her mouth and neck, and I thought I could go somewhere with this personification. I really like the lines "you are my confessor/show me your teeth/drag me to the bottom/sing me to sleep."

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