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  • Album Name:Rambling Stranger
  • Genre:Other
  • Year:2019
  • Artist:Lucy Isabel
  • Title:How It Goes
  • Billy Thin's joint:Produced by Jared Anderson and recorded in a series of live, inspired takes, Lucy Isabel's new album, "Rambling Stranger," shows the full scope of Isabel’s songwriting. These 10 songs are filled with images from an adulthood lived on the run: a shuttered army fort along the Jersey Shore; a mountain range outside of Seattle; a road leading to an unknown destination, promising nothing but the unexpected for anyone willing to take it.  Isabel’s classic-sounding folk croon – that evokes everyone from Brandi Carlile to Judy Collins – shares the spotlight with accordion, keyboards, and numerous stringed instruments throughout.  “I was always looking for somewhere else to be,” says Isabel about the album title. “A rambling stranger is who I am to this day, even though I've now found a home for myself. My bed is in Nashville. My husband is there. But there's always a part of me that's looking to chase down something new, and it keeps me moving.”
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DESCRIPTION: "How It Goes" may have been my favorite song in terms of the actual recording process. I had a great group of musicians in the studio with me, and we really took advantage of the vibe of the song to have a good time. Lyrically, the song can be interpreted as kind of a downer, but that's not how I feel it, and I wanted the recording to reflect that. For me, "How It Goes" is a kind of call to arms. It's an invitation to forget about your troubles and accept that there's someone there for you who's willing to just see what happens. It's a reminder that it's okay to not take life so seriously all the time.

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